Privacy and Security

Privacy of your DNA data

The Mennonite autosomal DNA project is intended to be a cooperative effort to learn more about Mennonite genealogy and the deeper ancestral origins of Mennonites. Your DNA will not be shared with third parties without your consent. All transmission of DNA data contained within the site is secured using TLS 2.0, the latest encryption technology. In addition, all DNA and other data stored on is encrypted "at rest."

The Mennonite DNA project has never had an inquiry from any law enforcement agency requesting DNA records or match lists. If compelled by a warrant or subpoena, we would comply with such requests as required by law. Short of a court order, we do not provide data to law enforcement agencies beyond what we provide to any person who participates in this project.

Your match lists and match details are visible only to other participants who are your matches. In other words, if you can see their information, they can see yours. Conversely, if you can't see their information, they can't see yours.

Password security

The Mennonite DNA project will never ask you for your password. Your password is never stored. Instead, a secure "hash" is calculated from your password. This hash is in turn stored in an encrypted database. When you log in, the site calculates the hash from the password you enter, and compares it to the hash stored in the database. If they match, you are allowed to use the site. This method prevents hackers from being able to obtain your password, even if the site were to be breached.